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What Sets Us Apart

Orthodontic Care You Can Trust


At the practice of David C. Spokane and Melissa R. Karski, we are truly one of a kind. Our patients love how both Dr. Spokane and Dr. Karski provide such personal service and love their willingness to explain all treatments. We enjoy spending time with our patients of all ages and building connections with every person.

Both Dr. Spokane and Dr. Karski believe in the strength of our community. This is why they both enjoy speaking at local schools and supporting them through donations.  They also love being able to give back and help kids in ways like their $1,000 in Smile Scholarships awarded every year. They also love the hugs from the kiddos!

More about us:

  • Our office has a fun, upbeat atmosphere, with games and activities for both kids and adults!
  • We have six locations to better serve our patients, including offices in Ambridge and Cranberry Township.  The staff travels to all locations giving patients ease of mind in every office.
  • We are a VIP Platinum Provider of Invisalign® clear aligner system, even for those who were told it wouldn’t improve their bite.
  • Dr. Spokane has achieved the top VIP level status Invisalign® awards to providers.
  • Our personal care doesn’t stop at the office. We make sure to give patients a call a few days after their appointment in order to answer any questions and check on their comfort.
  • We continuously stay on top of the newest technology, and strive to offer the highest quality and most advanced orthodontic procedures.
  • Drs. Spokane and Karski love to hang out with the kids and it shows! Laughter is often heard in the office, and children love our doctors' sense of humor.

Who you and your family choose to see for orthodontics is a big decision! As a part of your community, we want to make you and your family happy and healthy. We are here to answer your questions and give you a bright, beautiful smile!


Spokane Orthodontics Team

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I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Spokane and his Staff. It has always been a great experience... I have never or would ever consider going anywhere else.

-Yee Y.