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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Updates and Information

* On May 8th, Pennsylvania revised their COVID-19 policies to allow "non-emergency" dental care to resume with strict adherence to safety guidelines provided by the CDC and Department of Health.

Beginning May 25th, all six of our locations will be open.  However, to accommodate social distancing guidelines, we are forced to reduce the number of patients seen each day.  Rather than cancel appointments, we have added a second location each day and will move some patients to that location so they can still be seen at their scheduled date and time. Please pay attention to the location in your appointment reminders from our office.  We are doing our best to get our patients back on track as quickly as possible and appreciate your understanding as we look for solutions to these difficult changes in scheduling.

Important Announcement!!!


Mandates from the CDC and PA Department of Health require every person in a dental office be wearing a face mask.

Unfortunately, EVEN PATIENTS will be asked to leave if they are not wearing mask. Due to PPE shortages, we cannot supply masks and you must BRING ONE FROM HOME.

Thank you for understanding!

Important Changes in the Office:

Your safety is our priority. Before you even show up to your office visit until the moment you leave the office, you will notice a variety of changes being implemented at our office to comply with CDC guidelines and add new safety measures in response to COVID-19.

Please Be Aware Of The Following Changes:

1.  Every patient is now required to be screened for COVID-19 prior to their office visit.  You will be emailed or texted a link to our Pre-Appointment Survey 1-2 days before your appointment that you must complete or we are unable to see you.  The survey only takes a minute and your response is automatically sent to our office. The survey can also be accessed by clicking the link below:  

2.  Every person who enters the office must wear a face mask from home - EVEN PATIENTS. Patients will be told when they are allowed to remove their mask at their appointment.  Unfortunately, if you are not wearing a face mask, you will be asked to leave.  Due to PPE shortages, we can not supply face masks.  YOU MUST BRING A FACE MASK FROM HOME!!

3.  Please brush your teeth BEFORE coming to your appointment as we can no longer offer our clinic sinks as brushing stations.

4.  Check In at the front desk - There is NO Sign In Screen

5. To allow social distancing, only the patient is permitted in the office at this time – no parents, guardians, or siblings, please.  If a child is uncomfortable walking in alone, you may escort them to the front desk for check in.  We will have your child text you when their appointment is over and we can also include information about their visit if desired.

6.  Plastic barriers have been installed at the front desk.  Upon arrival, notify the front desk you are there for your appointment.  There will be no sign in screen.

7.  Video games, magazines, contests, coffee, and all common items have been removed and door handles, counters, restrooms, etc. will be cleaned at least every hour. We have also installed HEPA filters and UV lights for added safety.

8.  Chairs in waiting areas will be marked off to comply with social distancing guidelines.  To avoid overflow in the waiting areas, it is extremely important that you are on time for your appointment.

9.  ALL PATIENTS will have their temperature taken with a touchless forehead thermometer, be asked to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, and use a hydrogen peroxide mouth wash before their appointment.

10.  The doctors and staff will be wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable gowns, goggles, N95 masks, and face shields for certain appointments.

11.  Virtual appointments will continue to be utilized when possible in an attempt to reduce patient visits to the office.  For example, if you wear rubber bands and your bite needs checked, we may schedule a virtual appointment and ask that you text us a picture instead of physically being seen in the office.

* We are constantly monitoring announcements from the CDC and Department of Health to stay on top of any changes. 

** We will post all updates on our website’s COVID-19 page and on our Facebook page, so please check them regularly for information.

Thank you for being the best patients we could ask for!  We are so grateful for your understanding and support during these times.

The changes may seem a little strange at first, but we will all adjust to the "new normal" and follow all guidelines and recommendations to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Dr Spokane and Dr Karski are so professional yet fun.  The staff is always so nice and gets to know every patient. I highly recommend this practice for any Invisalign or braces needs.