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Patient Resources

All of the latest in technology, online tools, interactive apps and more is offered to all of our patients.  Stay informed every step of the way in your orthodontic journey using the patient education documents.  

We would always be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have by calling our office at 724-846-9666.  You can also use the online contact us form and message us through Facebook or Instagram.  We try to be available however it is most convenient for you - especially when you need us!

New Patient Forms - For new patients only!  All the necessary paperwork that needs completed by new patients before their first exam can be found right here.

Patient Education Documents - Links to most information needed during your treatment, from before you begin until after you've finished! Not all documents found here will be a part of everyone's treatment.  This is a list of the most commonly used handouts in the office.

Patient Portal - Your personal link to all of your photos, x-rays and appointment information right online.  Access your personal information through an online portal where you can track appointments, add them to your calendar, and confirm them right online! View all photo records and x-rays taken throughout treatment full size, print and even email them.  The patient portal keeps you on top of your orthodontic journey.

For instructions on how to use the Patient Portal, watch this short video: 

Patient Reward Hub - The reward hub is an interactive app that you download to your phone, ipad, tablet, or any device, like you normally would.  Here, you can have fun playing games, earning more points, winning, prizes, shopping for gift cards and more through this fun reward program.

For a brief tour and instructions on how to use the Reward Hub, watch this short video:

YouTube Channel - Videos with detailed instructions and information for our most common appointments and questions.  For example, see how we put braces on, how expanders get put in, how we take them all off and much more can be found here.

Events and Contests - The office frequently has parties, contests and special events for our patients.  They will be posted here in our Facebook page.

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I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Spokane and his Staff. It has always been a great experience... I have never or would ever consider going anywhere else.

-Yee Y.