Virtual Appointments

A virtual appointment is done through use of texts, emails, photos, and video chats. The purpose is to reduce patients' time in the office, help avoid missing extra days of work or school, and add flexibility for those with busy schedules. 

Virtual appointments do not replace regular, in-office appointments. They are utilized for certain bite, elastic and appliance checkups, occasional Invisalign appointments, and yearly routine checkups.

Please ask if your next appointment can be virtual and our staff will gladly take a look and let you know!

We are extremely proud to offer virtual care in our practice and give our patients the same level of excellence in orthodontic care right from the comfort of  home.

Steps for a Virtual Appointment:

1.  Schedule your virtual appointment date.

2.  You will receive an email 4 days prior to your appointment, reminding you to send us photos of your teeth. This reminder will include a link to this website page, with the instructions and sample photos to help guide you.

3.  Take your progress photos and text them to 724-494-2933 along with the patient's name.   This can be done anytime before your scheduled appointment. 

4.  Once you have sent your photos, the doctors will carefully examine your teeth, bite, hygiene, and all other concerns pertaining to your treatment plan.

5.  You will receive a response from the doctor within 1 week following your appointment date that includes feedback on your treatment progress and instructions if you are to make any changes.

6.  You will also be notified if your next appointment will be virtual or in the office and schedule accordingly.

Photo Instructions:

It is best to have someone take the photos for you, but if that is not an option, don't worry! The doctor will let you know if any additional photos are needed. 

It is very important that your back teeth are touching in the photos!

Take photos like those provided in the photo gallery below:

Text photos to 724-494-2933 and remember to include the patient's name along with any questions or concerns you might have.

After texting the photos, you can expect to hear from the doctor within one week of your scheduled appointment date.

VERY IMPORTANT!!    Must Read Statement Below:

When corresponding via texts, emails, photos, and videos, the information being shared is not encrypted. That means a third party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted over the Internet.


* HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

* HIPAA was passed by the U.S. government in 1996 in order to establish privacy and security protections for health information

* The personal health information stored on our computers is encrypted but communications via text and email is not.

* Popular email services (ex. Hotmail®, Gmail®, Yahoo®) do not utilize encrypted email nor do cell phone providers.

* Technology provides a convenient way to communicate for most people.  To accommodate this, the federal government included a modification to the HIPAA act.

* The guidelines state that if a patient has been made aware of the risks of unencrypted communication, and that same patient provides consent to receive health information, then a health entity may communicate with that patient and may include personal medical information.

By sending a request for virtual appointment, you are accepting the terms and conditions of utilizing non-encrypted communication to discuss personal health information.

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"Highly satisfied with my child's ortho procedure. The entire process has been seamless even with the pandemic. The website and patient portal is user friendly, but should you need to call the office for any reason, a staff member always answers in a friendly manner.  The Ambridge office is stunning, it's like waking into a super hero museum.  Everybody's favorite super hero can be found.  Dr. Spokane has a great chair side manner, upbeat and friendly.  My child was nervous at first but his fear quickly went away with the super comfortable atmosphere.  I recommend Dr. Spokane to all my friends and family." Cymone Bronaugh

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