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Orthodontic treatments like Invisalign® can boost your confidence in your smile. Retainers are a critical component of those treatments.

Our orthodontists, Dr. David Spokane and Dr.  Melissa Karski, can create personalized retainers for any patient.

Spokane Orthodontics in Beaver Falls, PA, can help protect and maintain your results for years to come.

Who Should Wear a Retainer?

Many orthodontic patients are surprised to learn they need to wear a retainer to keep their teeth in their new positions. Once braces are removed or you stop wearing clear aligners, it doesn't take long for the teeth to shift back into their old positions. Anyone who wants to extend the benefits of their orthodontic treatment is strongly urged to wear a retainer. 

Most patients will only need to wear a retainer at night. Our orthodontists will provide specific directions depending on your case but they might recommend wearing your retainer anywhere from a few months to indefinitely.

Smiling patient holding clear aligner

Can I Use My Last Invisalign Tray as a Retainer?

In some cases, Invisalign patients can use their final clear aligner as their retainer. It may still be a good idea to get at least one additional retainer, however, in case your tray is lost or damaged.

If you wore traditional braces or clear braces, you will need to have a customized, removable retainer created to prevent your teeth from shifting.

Wearing a Retainer Is Critical Benefits of This Orthodontic Treatment

Wearing a retainer after completing Invisalign or braces may seem inconvenient but it comes with many benefits, including:

Minimize Oral Health Issues

Orthodontics effectively align your teeth, making it easier to keep them clean. Wearing your retainer will keep your teeth in their new positions, helping your oral health stay at its best.

Alleviate Speech Impediments

People who have difficulty saying certain words can sometimes address speech issues with a retainer. These specialized retainers–called a crib or tongue cage–can stop the tongue from sneaking through the teeth while speaking, which can cause a speech impediment. 

Ease Breathing Issues

Removable retainers can realign the teeth or jaw to make breathing easier. Some retainers can also alleviate chronic snoring problems. 

Correct Gaps

If a gap needs to be closed in a smile, a retainer can gently realign a single tooth or two teeth, eliminating the need for comprehensive orthodontic care. 

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What Is a Permanent Retainer?

You might have heard the term "permanent retainer." Unlike clear retainers, a permanent retainer refers to a special type of device that is not removable. Also called a bonded retainer or fixed retainer, these often consist of a metal bar placed behind the bottom front teeth. We can determine if this treatment option is right for you when you visit our office.

Why Beaver Falls Turns to Spokane Orthodontics 

We know that you have choices for orthodontic providers. And we're also confident that we have distinguishing benefits others do not:

  • Our doctors are accessible 24/7
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  • CareCredit® financing accepted
  • Skilled orthodontists who can take on complicated cases
  • Top technology for planning effective orthodontics

Taking Care of Your Retainer

Like natural teeth, your retainer can attract bacteria and plaque and impact your oral health. To get the most out of your retainer, our Beaver Falls, PA, orthodontists recommend you:

  • Clean your retainer daily with the recommended cleaning solution 
  • Soak your retainer when you're not wearing it to prevent the plastic from drying out and cracking
  • Do not use hot water as it can warp the plastic
  • Do not bend the wires or flip the retainer around in your mouth

If your retainer becomes damaged or misshapen, contact our office as soon as you can so we can create a replacement.

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David Spokane and Melissa Karski are committed to providing the very best orthodontic and dental care to valued patients throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We are affiliated we several prestigious organizations, including the:

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  • American Dental Association

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