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The Event for Higher Dental Education

The Event for Higher Dental Education - 2021

Course Description: Composite Artistry: Mastering Posterior and Anterior Techniques of Direct Composite and Creating Undetectable Restorations

Instructor Name: Dr. Joyce Bassett

Course Location: The Club at Shadow Lakes, Aliquippa, PA

Course Date: April 23, 2021

Subject Code: 780

Credit Hours: 6

Verification Code: 5691

Dr. Joyce Bassett - Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

As a courtesy to our group, Dr. Bassett will also present a brand-new lecture that she has been working on. Details are below:

Things That Go Wrong, Even When You Do Everything Right

This innovative, fast-paced course will explore frequently seen problems that occur during restorative treatment, showcasing a variety of modes of failures. She will explore state of the art, real-time digital design and link 3D prosthetic planning with fundamental smile design principles. You will learn systematic techniques to treat every aspect and ensure aesthetics that are BUILT TO LAST.

These techniques can be used to both prevent and remedy these failures. While materials are often considered the cause of clinical failures, more often the failure is a result of function, incomplete planning, decision-making, and execution. When a clinical failure occurs, there is often conflict and blaming between the dentist, patient, and laboratory technician. She will cover communication techniques that offer realistic patient expectations. Proven conflict resolution techniques to address these issues will be proposed, as well as a checklist for careful patient and laboratory communication. There is something for everyone to learn.

There are no unintended consequences, only situations that were not well thought out.

Learning Objectives:

-Master the usage of systemized techniques to treat simple to complex cases with veneers, crowns and implants

-Obtain the knowledge of real-time digital smile design principles for both composite Provisionals and porcelain

-Integrate sound occlusal principles to create synergy between form and function.

Learning Outcomes...Participants will leave this presentation with:

-A proven step by step approach to identify and address difficult clinical situations

-Master conflict resolution techniques with usage of proper verbiage and checklists

-Identify which adhesives and restorative materials work the best for maximum predictability

Additional Featured Work from Dr. Bassett


Below is a page containing links to all Dr. Bassett's published articles:

Direct links to each published article are also listed below:

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Conservative Restoration of a Traumatically Involved Central Incisor

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Techniques, Dentistry Today, January 2015, Vol. 34 #1, Pgs. 120-123

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Bassett, J. A trio of techniques for assuring predictable results: Inside Dentistry

November/December 2007

Brand New from Dr. Bassett:

Certificate of Attendance - CLICK HERE 

Course Evaluation Form - CLICK HERE

Provider Name: The Event for Higher Dental Education
Provider ID Number: 367450
Contact Person Name: Dr. David C. Spokane
Contact Person Email:
Provider Address: 2754 Darlington Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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