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Lifesaving Work

The University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research is a world-class, 10 story, research facility that is home to brilliant scientists and the best doctors from an array of disciplines who come together in one place to pool their expertise and revolutionize health care.  

Their work advances important discoveries in vaccine development, regenerative medicine, biomedical devices, neurosciences, and more!

Biomedical Science Tower 3 in Pittsburgh, PA

Most people know that it was Jonas Salk who developed a vaccine for polio - but did you know it happened at the University of Pittsburgh?! They have a rich history of being a leader in virus research.

The Center for Vaccine Research at Pitt

Pitt's legacy in medical research contributed to the establishment of the Center for Vaccine Research in 2006 with a goal aimed at eradicating infectious diseases, the leading cause of global deaths every year.  Collaborations with Pitt’s Center for Global Health, Center for Biologic Imaging, Drug Discovery Institute, the Cancer Institute, and a host of cutting-edge Pitt laboratories strengthen the efforts and provide a unique foundation for optimal success.  The combination of research, collegiate interaction, visionary leadership, and synergistic environment in this world-class research center is unparalleled. 

Today...  this same institution is currently leading the world's fight against the COVID-19 virus through their work on a vaccine, antibodies, and immunity tests.

Want To Help?

Dr. Spokane and Dr. Karski are reaching out to their dental colleagues, communities, and friends for their support in donating to a great cause!

As the school that provided their dental education and was their home for many years, the University of Pittsburgh is near and dear to their hearts. Please, join them in their support!

The Center for Vaccine Research is making us proud to "HAIL TO PITT"!!

How Do I Donate?

Donations from people like you are what helps continue their research and gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated!

It's easy to "GIVE TO PITT"!!

Donate Online:

It's quick and easy to donate using their convenient, online service!

The online service allows you to choose from a variety of gift-giving options, schedule a payment, and also make memorial contributions.

Donate using a check by mail:

Send a check made payable to the University of Pittsburgh. Please indicate "Center for Vaccine Research" on the subject line of the check and mail to:

Pitt Fund
128 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

A Mail-in gift form may also be included with your check - Click Here to Print Mail-in Form

Donate by phone:

Call 1-800-817-8943 to make a gift by phone.

Please join Dr. Spokane and Dr. Karski in supporting The University of Pittsburgh!

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